Please advise the best JavaScript learning environment for beginner

Hi, any advice is welcome.

I need to set up local learning environment (as the internet is not always available), with live view. Also tell me how to choose files to download from GitHub if I just want to see how the js code works. To guess, html, css and js are enough but there are more types of files there.

p.s I’m sorry if there has been a similar question in forum. In that case would you please tell how to get at a typical question quickly, it takes ages and often do not find.

Thank you very much!

Actually you don’t need a special environment. Just set up a dedicated folder there you can store your files. You can run (open) your HTML and JS Files in a ordinary browser like Chrome, Firefox or Edge. In them you can use their developer tools. For advice how to use it look here:

I’m sure you will find some videos about the topics on Youtube too.

Hope that helps.

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@DidierCH knows a lot more than me in this, but I will also add that Visual Studio Code is pretty good with JavaScript, and I believe Atom is also good with it too.

OK! I’ll follow you in this. Thank you very much.

Hey @makiimai I don’t know Visual Studio Code but I would test it out. It was invented from Microsoft especially for JS (I read somewhere). I for myself did a lot of web development with Brackets from Adobe. it has really good JS support too and it’s also Open Source and free. But the outstanding feature of Brackets is the live preview of code. That means it’s capable of showing you your codechanges of HTML, CSS and JS live in a browser window (without saving). And it has a lot of cool add-ons.

Hi DidierCH, thanks to tell about options a lot. I’ll try to use VS Code in this chance. I’m new to Node.js, too, need to learn using command prompt. But, I’ll probably check few lines with Google Chrome or FireFox Dev Ed tool, too. … I learned from those conversation that it needn’t to show result on browser all time .

p.s When using Mozilla’s debugging tool, I hovered variables but bubbles did not pop-up (I had chosen the line).