I decided to try creating an ncurses-based Pomodoro timer, partially for fun, partially for practice, and partially for my own use. It’s been a pretty quick project, and for the most part, I think I’m satisfied with it.

You’ll notice there is a man page associated with the project; I do intend to try my hand at making this into something that can installed on a *nix system, though I haven’t quite gotten that figured out yet.

  • UPDATE: This issue has been addressed as of tag v1.5. Currently only installs per-user (stated in README under “Installation”). I’m not yet sure if I want to change this to install system-wide.

I also intend to have sounds play at the end of timer sessions so the user can know, without looking, that a session has ended.

Thanks to @florian for the assistance he gave me here in figuring out issues with my Makefile. In reading that thread, note that I built the project with GNU make, so I’m not sure if the filter-out function I used is recognized by other flavors of make.

If anyone has suggestions, feel free to open an issue or a pull request on the Github repository.

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Nice! I forgot how much coding you have to do to get something running with ncurses. Been ages since I touched it… well done!

By the way, I think they say you should not cast the return value of malloc and friends. Don’t know if it’s just a matter of style… at any rate, it’s not necessary.

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