Problems with bandolier Test.svelte dumpup.js

When using djenterator to create a template in client/pages/Test.svelte, i get the following error:

import { UserPaymentProduct, User, Product, Payment } from “…/lib/models.js”;
SyntaxError: The requested module ‘…/lib/models.js’ does not provide an export named ‘UserPaymentProduct’

dumpup.js tries to use UserPaymentProduct later in the script.

I made the required changes to routes.js but I still cannot display the page at I get a message that says page not found. I think the above error is the problem.

Any help appreciated.

Removing the dumpup.js file solves the problem. It was an accidental inclusion in the directory.

Yes, that should have been fixed but I’ll have another push of it soon when I bring in some improvements from latest development of

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