Problems with utf-8, Exercise 23

So, I can’t use the utf-8 in my script. It keeps saying it’s an “invalid continuation byte”

Fixed my own problem.

Instead of downloading the language.txt file, I had copied the contents into a .txt file
Silly me.

Ah that’s another way it gets messed up.

I get the same error, How did you download the file? I can’t find a download button. I also copied it into a file and named it languages.txt so I am not sure why it doesn’t work.

Was not able to download via my PDF reader used another and could save as target which worked.

Why did this error happen does anyone know? I maybe am just super ignorant but I am not sure why downloading would work vs copying the document and saving the file as the correct name?

Easiest is put your mouse over this:

DON’T CLICK IT! Right click, save as. Now it should be perfect.

Thanks - that fixed my problem…

Thanks for posting this. I was doing it wrong. Got it now. Also, thanks for writing the Python3 book. I also have your original one. Been resisting moving to three but now I’ve found “resistence is futile. Prepare to be absorbed.” Cheers.

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Ah, I just replied to you in help so you can ignore the reply. This also solves it.

I did not get the identical output that you show as exercise 23 on page 79 of “Learn PYTHON 3 the HARD WAY”. I did as you suggest in this post (it’s “Save link as…” – not “save as”) to download the file of languages. I also was very careful to make sure I wrote the code as you show in the book.
Here is my output:

PS C:\Users\Ray\lpthw> utf-8 strict b’Afrikaans’ <===> Afrikaans
b’\xe1\x8a\xa0\xe1\x88\x9b\xe1\x88\xad\xe1\x8a\x9b’ <===> አማርኛ
b’\xd0\x90\xd2\xa7\xd1\x81\xd1\x88\xd3\x99\xd0\xb0’ <===> Аҧсшәа
b’\xd8\xa7\xd9\x84\xd8\xb9\xd8\xb1\xd8\xa8\xd9\x8a\xd8\xa9’ <===> العربية
b’Aragon\xc3\xa9s’ <===> Aragonés


Look at line 5, where my output is: “b’Aragon\xc3xa9s’” …
Your line 5 output is: “‘V\xc3\xb5ro’” …

I’m wondering if others got different output as well?