Questions for programmers

Why learn to program?
How long does it take to learn?
What is the goal of a programmer?
How do I know if I am a good coder?
What objective can a beginner have to achieve a good level?
Day in the life of a programmer?
Hardest parts of programming?
What made you want to learn to code?
Best/worst parts of it?
How long did it take to learn your first language?
What is the best thing you made with code?
What are the traits of a good programmer?

These are kind of odd questions. Why are you asking them?

Made these for a school project

Computer programming is a set of written instructions that the computer follows. These instructions can be written in various languages. Each programming languages have their unique ways of organizing the commands which are called syntax.

Multiple programming languages can help you solve the same programming problem. However, you need to select a language that you feel is relevant to perform your task. If you decide that a language does not suit your business requirement, you can always move on to a new language. Your skill in the chosen language will also be a deciding factor. Expected software system response time, a number of simultaneous users, security, maintains, compatibility with web, mobile, devices are few other factors to consider while choosing a language.

Python is easy to learn (not much syntax), easy to read (explicit vs implicit), has a big ecosystem (more packages/libraries), is taught at universities so it’s easy to find good programmers to help, and is used by many large websites/companies (e.g., Quora is programmed in Python) so it’s a good language to know.

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