SpaceHunter - inspired from LPTHW!

Hi everybody - I just wanted to share this game here. Just recently I submitted my final game to Repl.It’s first “Game Jam” challenge. I build a space oriented game using Pygame. This was an amazing project for me to do, and was inspired after working through Gothons from Planet Percal (one of the exercises in the book!).

The program was challenging, but I learned so much while building something. What it confirmed is that you should try to build something learning the basics, as you will learn far more than just banging your head against random problems.

I uploaded the project to my GitHub here, and as long as you have a Python 3.0 compiler installed on your computer, you should be able to run using “python” I would love to hear all of your thoughts and keep up the work everybody!

Thank you Zed for all of the help and resources, it’s helped me develop my programming skills to the next level!

GitHub “SpaceHunter” repo:



Whoaaaaaa!!! I gotta say @Jkeane you totally went way beyond the requirements on this and it’s great. I actually don’t think I could pull this off without some effort. Can you write up a story of how you did this, what your background was, and what it was like? I’d love to share with people online, and quite honestly, something like this could potentially land you a job if you were looking.