Upcoming Trends in Education Technology

My day job is as a supply teacher. I’ve been doing that for about 5 years now. I like the education sector, but the intensely bureaucratic demands of modern educational institutions really turn me off. I dream of a day when teachers can focus on being teachers again.

Question: I am looking to transition into the education technology field, but public education in Canada tends to move very slowly. Has anyone here any insight into current/upcoming tools, frameworks or even organizations which are worth investigating? Also, have you seen any new roles emerging in education as a consequence of technology adoption?


I know with my son, he has aspergers, they let him do tests for class on a computer device, and he scores really high, but if he has to do it on paper, he has a really hard time. It’s great that they let him use the technology, back in the day they would have just assumed he couldn’t answer the questions and wasn’t smart enough. Now with technology, he can answer the questions how he needs to. I think it’s an great thing.

I’m glad that’s working out well for your son. It reminds me that revising both assessment methods and assessment criteria are just as important as technology adoption (if not more so). I just wish the administrative side of assessment could be supplemented (or even automated) by technology.

Have a look here. Schools in Switzerland are heavily using that tool. You as a programmer may be interested in that.

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