Video help for Book exercises

If I were to buy Learning Python 3 the Hard Way directly from Zed Shaw, it is an electronic only version at $29.99 it comes with many hours of videos explaining the exercises.

If I were to buy a new hard copy from Amazon at 17.98 it also comes with many hours of video explaining the exercises.

Is there a significant difference in the amount of coverage or detail in the two above mentioned packages?

I believe I answered your question over email but let me know if you want it answered here too.

The email said to visit the Forums. so here I am. still looking for an answer.

Hello @ConawayNY

If it´s about the pricing it can be like I learned when as young working at a ironmongery.
I asked the boss, what will I have to pay for this product if I buy it at the factory?
He replied, probably full price. As a single customer you will probably not buy much, and perhaps not come back. So they are not so interested in giving discount.
But when a company buys from the factory its often in huge quantities, and they often come back for more.
So the ironmongery will get a good discount. So good we can sell this product to a lower price to you than the factory will.

At least it was so where I live. Some 25 years ago.
I dont know if this is the same situation. But it looks like it.

Consider that the guy who wrote the book won’t get get a big share if you buy the hard copy. There’s a publisher and a big retailer involved.

I think the coverage is the same. Only you might not get the latest revision with the hard copy.

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And you can’t click links in a book…

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Alright, let me know if you just didn’t get the email or if you’re here and want a published answer on this forum.

You should get the book from Amazon since you said that you prefer books. You can get the videos from and then you have everything. The only difference would be if I make minor corrections the book doesn’t get updated. I also give out discounts to people who bought from me for upgrades.

Let me know if that answered your question.