Video music intros

@zedshaw Do you write and perform the music intros to your videos?

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Yes I do, and I build the guitars I use too:


:grinning: That’s so cool. Any chance for “Learn to Build Guitars The Hard Way”?

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Build guitars? I’ve thought about it but I’m no expert. I just tinker with the stuff all the time until I got something I liked. Pretty much you can build one with parts from Warmoth.


Here I was thinking it might be a simple answer like “Yea it was a cool music program” or “a buddy of mine is a…”

But no, Zed has to be awesome and be like:

Here they are. This one I call, “Beast VI” and it’s my favorite ever:

This one I haven’t named yet but probably “Sparkle Smurf”:

I think I may try doing new theme music for part 2 of the JS book just so I can use these.


Certainly look professionally made. Well done. I’ll be sure to buy your album when it comes out. “Zeds Course Intros VOL 1” lol.

Ha! I’m actually thinking of doing music to code by, but I really don’t have time.

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You could do a podcast. is one I listen to from time to time, but it’s mostly electronic or drone type stuff.

Hmmm, podcast is an interesting idea. Thanks.

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Nice guitars. Ever fancied something extended range? I’m a big fan of 8 strings.

Well, the Bass VI has a huge range. 24 full frets so it covers a lot of the 8 string range and is easier to play. Otherwise, I’m not the greatest guitarist so an 8 string just confuses me.

So it’s a baritone, I see. Best of both worlds then. I prefer playing in those octaves below but I’m less keen on really flappy retuned low E string, so the 8 string works for me.

Maybe you can add a little jingle to your intro’s, “Doing it the HARD WAYYYYYYY!!!” :metal: :exploding_head:

The Christmas edition!

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“Here comes Zed Shaw, here comes Zed Shaw,
Right down Hard Way lane…”