Weird invalid syntax error exercise 43

So I am getting this:

 File "C:\Users\John\LPTHW\", line 185
    'central_corridor': CentralCorridor(),
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I get it even if I copy the code from the book.

This is my code:

class Map(object):

	scenes = [
		'central_corridor': CentralCorridor(),
		'laser_weapon_armory': LaserWeaponArmory(),
 		'the_bridge': TheBridge(),
 		'escape_pod': EscapePod(),
 		'death': Death(

Hi @Trezor.

You have used wrong brackets for the dictionary.
A dictionary uses “{ }” brackets.
The " [ ] " is for lists.

Correct this and put a closing bracket “)” on the Death class it should work fine.

Hi ulfen69

Of course! Thanks. The error is present in the book as well.

Perhaps you can tell Zed about this. I think he had some issues with printing the books.
Maybe he want to know how many books with this errors that actually was printed.

That would be a very old printing mistake of the book. Where did you get this book? A library?